Thursday, November 22, 2012

People can listen, but cannot always understand.

Hello ! <3

Today I went to the school, I have been sick for a whole week but the thing is that when I finally got to school, everything was alright, but then, I started to get dizzy, I couldn't focuse, started to sweat at the same time as I was freezing and the worst part I couldn't EAT!

I have until now since the mornin, I have not eating anything at ALL!
I start to get worried, like for real worried.. Also I have been feeling like shit, but more about that I will not go out with it here on the blog, sorry (hope you all can understand that <3).

Anyways, these past days I have had Natta over, she is my best friend and she is the most beautiful person EVER, she really gets me in a way that MANY of my friends don't, so that is why I cannot talk to anyone just like that, I have trust issues when it comes to people. But this girl, I can tell her everything and she listens and she really does understand. 

The thing is, I can be complicated, especially when it comes to deeper thoughts I do have a really hard time to explain myself or even let someone know what is going on because I can be very skeptical towards anything that moves, lol. 

Many people can listen but not to many can understand. Remember that, words by me.


Somebody is in my head again..

"Yesterday I was dirty, wanted to be pretty,
know now, that I am forever dirt. "

Sunday, November 18, 2012

inspiration : tattoo's

OMG, I totally wanna get tattoed, can someone please donate money to me so I can get 1 mayby 2? (a) 

The pictures above is borrowed from weheartit and Tumblr.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Have bought the camera!

hi guys!

As I said earlier that I was going to buy a new camera and now I finally did it! :D

It will be many more updates on the blog now and many nice pictures to watch, I think pictures are very important in the blogs, it feels like it is so much more fun to watch than just reading all the time, right? ;)

Well, I just love my new camera, the pictures are so pretty and nice high quality <3

my circle lenses


this is how it looks like infront of my make up desk/mirror.

the golden perfume is by Demi Moore, I love it <3


My concealer to the left and my 2 mascara's, the violet one is the one that I bought yesterday.

my HD foundation, love it <3

the view from my brothers apartment.

tried with the setting "expose" with higher levels, this is what I call an exposed picture. ;)

happy gitl :D

my mirror and my stuff. That is nothing compared to what I have else. lol.
last but not least my beautiful dreamcatcher <3

All the pictures are taken by me. I will go back to sleep now since I am not feeling so well today, I think I start to get sick..


Monday, November 12, 2012