Thursday, November 1, 2012

bought new circle lenses and some other stuff!


Today I purchased 4 circle lenses from the series GEO princess Mimi, I bought the 4 combo, which is all of them in the serie! :))

The colours will be in Green, Sesame Gray, Almond and Chocolate brown.
I also ordered a pair of blue ones, Angel Blue is the shade also by the brand GEO.

The greatest thing at all with circle lenses is that they first of all enlarge your eyes and give the poppy effect, second is that you can use them for a whole year after disposal and they can come in prescription, which I think its awesome and to top it all these circle lenses are fabolous !! :)

How they look on picture:

The princess Geo bambi series!


Geo Angel Blue.

Chocolate Brown.


Sesame Grey.

Oh, and also, I ordered 20 pair of falsies:

Picture of the falsies that I ordered today.

I bought this shirt from Lana Del Rey's collection for H&M under the week when I was aheading at the bank:

The white knotted shirt is the one that I bought. It seems to be so cosy now for the upcoming winter and the autumn now. I just love Lana Del Rey in everything she does, she is a truly classic beauty and one of my inspirations. <3

All the pictures of the lenses are borrowed from HERE.

I will probably do a review on all the lenses that I get. Maybe even a video review if I fix a camera..

Btw, I did not get sponsored or anything close to that when I wrote this post and I payed for everything. But since it is actually a blog and my update have been so lousy, here is something intresting and also something to be looking forward against until next post.

Pictures on everything will be coming up soon, so keep up! ;) 


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