Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Have bought the camera!

hi guys!

As I said earlier that I was going to buy a new camera and now I finally did it! :D

It will be many more updates on the blog now and many nice pictures to watch, I think pictures are very important in the blogs, it feels like it is so much more fun to watch than just reading all the time, right? ;)

Well, I just love my new camera, the pictures are so pretty and nice high quality <3

my circle lenses


this is how it looks like infront of my make up desk/mirror.

the golden perfume is by Demi Moore, I love it <3


My concealer to the left and my 2 mascara's, the violet one is the one that I bought yesterday.

my HD foundation, love it <3

the view from my brothers apartment.

tried with the setting "expose" with higher levels, this is what I call an exposed picture. ;)

happy gitl :D

my mirror and my stuff. That is nothing compared to what I have else. lol.
last but not least my beautiful dreamcatcher <3

All the pictures are taken by me. I will go back to sleep now since I am not feeling so well today, I think I start to get sick..



  1. HAHAHA "the view" hahahaha fin utsikt XD <3

  2. Älskar din hårfärg!! Vad heter färgen? :3

  3. Tjo! vart hittade du din HD foundation? har letat forever efter den, tyvärr utan lycka. Awesome hårfärg btw :3