Saturday, November 10, 2012

hello world!

Hello world! <3

It's been a while since I've updated, sorry for that, but I am always soo tired when I get home and I fall asleep very fast almost everyday now. That is because I've been going to school a lot more now since my attendance isn't at it's best right now and if it gets any higher there is a chance that the school can kick me out, hehe.. 

But it is weekend now so I will be updating more on the weekends for sure! ;) 

The camera will I put on hold for now, but probably next week, I do not promise anything to you readers out there, but it really depends on my schedule and if I can make it to the bank in time to fetch the money and go to the store before they close since I go late days in school.. So everything depends on my schedule as I said..

Btw, I got my lenses, my false-lashes and my leggins now, pictures will come up soon and some reviews.

I wanna do videos, take pictures and share my everyday with you international readers (and ofc my swedish readers!!), a comment wouldn't hurt sometime so I know that you are there, since you are the ones motivating me to update my blog. <3 

Some inspo will be up soon in the blog today,

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