Thursday, November 22, 2012

People can listen, but cannot always understand.

Hello ! <3

Today I went to the school, I have been sick for a whole week but the thing is that when I finally got to school, everything was alright, but then, I started to get dizzy, I couldn't focuse, started to sweat at the same time as I was freezing and the worst part I couldn't EAT!

I have until now since the mornin, I have not eating anything at ALL!
I start to get worried, like for real worried.. Also I have been feeling like shit, but more about that I will not go out with it here on the blog, sorry (hope you all can understand that <3).

Anyways, these past days I have had Natta over, she is my best friend and she is the most beautiful person EVER, she really gets me in a way that MANY of my friends don't, so that is why I cannot talk to anyone just like that, I have trust issues when it comes to people. But this girl, I can tell her everything and she listens and she really does understand. 

The thing is, I can be complicated, especially when it comes to deeper thoughts I do have a really hard time to explain myself or even let someone know what is going on because I can be very skeptical towards anything that moves, lol. 

Many people can listen but not to many can understand. Remember that, words by me.



  1. Lottar ut en iphone 5 i min lovebasket! Kommentera bara "jag är med" för en chans att vinna.

  2. Hej där! Tycker du har en jättefin blogg! Var gärna med i min frågestund, du kan kommtentera frågor i vilket inlägg som helst :) Kommer svara på alla frågor i helgen, och btw! Alla med blogg som frågar får en länkning till sin blogg! :)