Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in pictures.

My 18th birthday, love my titties on this pic. 

me when I was blonde and was heading out in the cold summer storm to watch Deadmau5. <3

first picture with my new camera, had fire red hair then also.

good times when me and sandra was super blondies <3

From my modelsession at modelhouse.

My bestfriend turned 18 <3

Pride in town!

Pride, I had my poppy red hair also on this picture

Me and natta reunited this day and celebrated it my meeting the sweetest tranny ever ! <3


Meet Hanna R from Big brother Sweden 2012 on the bus when I was heading back home from Pride festival :)

the first photosession with Sandra.

my henna tattoo I got in Rhodos

laying in the sun and baking in Rhodos, this was the last day there.

Sitting by the pool

Miss the heat. <3

In Rhodos

sitting by the hotel and drinking with Sandra

eey, sexi lady!

With my angelbites and my pillarbox red hair.

Good summartimes. <3
Me and frida was on photosession at the studio, it was a great day! 

me and Sandra at the pool 

At Deadmau5 concert here in Sweden ;) 

my first illustration.

Well, I think that this year has been hard, it is definitely one of the most boring years I've ever had, but it had good moments, like you see in the pictures. I hope that this upcoming year, 2013, will be great, please be awesome 2013 ! <3

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