Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Look of the day


Today I have been shooting for my project that I have in school. I made a video, talking about buddhism (yes, that is what my project is about) and I am pleased with it. 
While I was playing around with the camera I took lots of pictures, but it ended up I choose like 15,  haha, so picky!

choose the black and white filter on PS5 and I am wearing my gray circle lenses.

close-up on today's face-look!

me with my lana del rey shirt and my paintings (that is far away from done, lol) next to me!


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  1. Hej! Jag har massa tävlingar på min blogg nu där man kan vinna allt från en publicering till att bli veckans blogg, vinna ett pris värt 400 kronor och massa mer! :) Alla pågående tävlingar finns i kategorin Competitions, hoppas du är med och deltar! Kram kram! :D Btw, jättefin blogg!