Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry X-mas to y'all!

Hello sweethearts <3

Today is Christmas, I feel that it is such a cozy day and everyone is feeling joyful and are sweet to each other. I will spend the time with my family, sitting infront of the TV and watching Donald The Duck that starts 3 o'clock every year on Christmas here in Sweden. It is a tradition here in Sweden for those who don't know that. It is Disney Classics they are showing, freaking love it , oh my <3

I feel kind of tired since I have been watching Misfits all night long, I couldn't sleep until 6 this morning and I have only slept 4 hours..

Anyways, I didn't wish anything particular for this Christmas but I got 2 beautiful cardigans, I can like live in them, they are so cute and really keeps you warm! :)

I will post a picture of them later. but about an half hour the show will start so I will prepare some snacks, have a hot cup of tea and sit in front of the TV with the family!

Btw, I get a lot of questions from people I know about my red hair and I even got a comment about how I've got this shade of red, I will make a post about my different shades of red that I have had. I will carefully show you how you can get the bright red I had once and the color that I am having now, I do not have time to do it today but the post will come up on the blog under this week, I promise.

Pictures borrowed from weheartit. 

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