Monday, December 3, 2012

my wishlist for this year !

You can get these shoes HERE 
They are from HERE
Yeah, as the picture says..

haha, you should have seen my earlier post of my wishlist for Christmas, it was all handbags and shoes, you can find it HERE

Well, lets just say my wishes has changed a bit, here is some other things I would love to have :

broccoli.. he-he-he-he..
found this funny picture on Tumblr.

want to do this sooner or later, so yeah..
Dreads and tattoes! <3
a tounge piercing
Dermal anchor, for you who do not know what it is it is the metal/diamond thing that she girl has on the side of her eye, on the chinbone kind of..

Well, now that you have seen my wishlist, GO AND BUY ALL OF THAT TO ME NOW! 
If you do, I will put a picture of my boobs on the blog, I promise. 


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