Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blogging through my cellphone

Hi sweeties <3

Right now I am blogging through my cellphone. ;)

I took 2 pictures With my cellphone. I like them, quite kinky.. Well, I am a dangorous girl. ;)

Ttys ;*

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Made a video with my new cellphone

Here is the video that I mentioned that I would upload. I had to upload it on youtube first since it is over 500 mb large and I was only filming this clip in 4 minutes..

But here you have it anyways ;)

Bought the new Xperia V

I bought this phone today, omg, it is soo awesome! <3

I have been waiting for a very long time, even before they came out on the market!
I finally have it now. I deserve a new phone. It is water resistent, it has 13,5 mp on the camera, a camera in front and on the back, so that is cool. All the buttons are on one side of the phone, so that is neat. It is thin, isn't heavy at all and got a big display. 
It is the phone that are shown on the commercials, the new Xperia V. I am so glad that I said no to all the Iphones that I got offered to buy, it was worth the wait. I will always have it in my bra where ever I go, so no one can fucking steal it, I know that many people would wanna do that, so hah, jokes on you! ;)

I will definetly take more pictures and now I can be active again on Instagram and even blog when I am on the run, so that is great news actually. I will upload a video that I made with the cellphone camera, I can say, this phone has more megapixels than my camera! :o

The quality is sick, love it, this is my new baby.. <3 :*
I will upload the video soon, since I couldn't upload it on facebook because the file was to big.. Yeah, it is that great quality.. 


Ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita!!

Hi sweeties ! <3 

Today I couldn't resist the offer of having a pair of real Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I have a bit of anxiety because of it. I used my money from my savings.. The problem is that I couldn't buy it immediately . Because of the money were so fucking slow to go in to my Nordea account.. But oh well, I take the shit then, they were cheap so why not. ;)

Want to get 30 - 70% off??
Write in this comment section and I will invite you to this page that have these offers. ;)

Source: Google

U jelly? ;) 


Monday, January 28, 2013

What I look for in a guy. ;)

Hi sweeties <3 

I know that some of you have been waiting for this, so here it finally is, yey!

I will write about what I look for in a guy, what makes me fall for that one special person and how you can win my heart. I will tell you, is not that easy, but the price you get is totally worth it for sure ;) 

The first thing I go for is actually what kind of style you have, then, when I get to know you, its these things I look for in a personality:

  • sweetness/kindness
  • charm 
  • intelligence 
  • confidence 
  • good listener 
  • helpful 
  • experience with relations, this is something very important for me 
  • be yourself 
  • have your own style 
  • random humor 
  • funny
  • same music taste
  • edgy

These things are important, I look for how sweet/kind you are towards others and me. If you have this mysterious charm that I love and if you are confident with yourself enough that will get my attention. You have to be a good listener and someone who is helpful and can be there when I am having my bad days, instead of getting mad and upset I want you to be understanding and helpful and ask me whats up. I need to know the experiences you have had in relationship, this way, I can totally tell if your just a player or someone who is serious. I love it when a guy can make me laugh and share the same random sense of humor that I have, so that is a big ups. ;)

This is what I don't like in a guy:

  • talking about yourself all the time 
  • nagging on everything 
  • jealousy 
  • call/text me all the fucking time 
  • trust issues 
  • to much ego 
  • to busy to talk to me when I am sad 
  • talking about other girls and comparing me with your ex (?!) 
  • bragging about your shags that you have had 
  • suicidal (sorry, but I had have enough of this) 
  • not comfortable in your own skin (trust me, that shows and it is a big turn off)
  • judging 
  • telling me what I can and can't do (there is a limit guys..)

I cannot stand these things above, if I find any of these, I promise, it is a big TURN-OFF and I will stop talking to you immediately or ignoring you.

I mean, a guy can be confident and compliment himself times to times but not always, if you wander around and talking about how good looking you are and how everybody want you, well, don't be with be, go to those who wants you that fucking much, why do you have me then?

I also dislike when you get jealous of my guy friends, I mean, come on, they are just friends. If I wanted to have any of them, I wouldn't be with you, right?

Something else that turns me off big time, is that when you brag about how much laid you've got in the past. I am not interested in hearing that and honestly, I get disgusted by it. I prefer someone who wasn't been with many than someone who has slept with over a hundreds of girls. Honestly.

About the suicidal part, it is ok if you are depressed, but I am not a therapist. I don't want to hear you say you want to die all the time and you have nothing to life for etc. I've been together with a guy who was like that, over 3 years, I got tired in the end of hearing it and mentally ill so I had to end it. So sorry, no offence but I have really bad experiences of that and don't want to go through that again.

It is ok if you care and say don't do this because of that and etc. But to complain about every little thing I do. I smoke, I drink sometime and so on, accept it.. Don't tell me that I am like this and that, I fucking hate that, remember you are with me for who I am. Even though I have flaws you will still love me for them, because they are there and a part of me, I am not perfect neither are you. They aren't going anywhere because it doesn't fit you. Don't judge me like that.

So, there you have it guys, I think I covered most of it..

Here is what I like for sort of style and what sort of boys that are in my taste:

Ok, now I have used images of models/actors/singer, but you kind of get the idea at least of what I like when it comes to style/look? 

Now, I know that they are perfect (the guys on the pics) but take that, make it a real life image, then you get the big picture. Big turn on is dreads, piercing, tattoos and ofc some class, not to much, just a bit, then its perfect. ;)

Soure for pictures: Tumblr, Google.


Amy Winehouse, my heart goes to you...

For you who doesn't know this, Amy Winehouse, was one of my biggest idols for many years. I litterally cried when I found out that she was dead. She struggled a lot with her own demons, many people couldn't see that. Her lyrics was so dark, she mentioned many times "I don't wanna ever drink again, I just need a friend."

She was lonely, the love in her life was only using her and she had no one. That's why the alcohol and the drugs became her only friend in the dark. She didn't want to feel, so she numbed herself. Everyone is all like "well, why didn't she go to rehab?"
I will fucking tell you why. They didn't care for her, just only that she becomes clean and pay them  loads of money then they are happy.
She didn't have anyone around her, not family or even a friend, the lovers in her life were just using her, pumped drugs in her and wanted to be on the cover of gossip magazines. Can you even imagine how hard it is to have paparazzi's all over your fucking face, WHERE EVER YOU GO?? 
She couldn't be herself or express her feelings of all the shit that was going on in her personal life (she didn't even have one thow at all) because if she did that, she became the headline for a  week, how fun is it to actually see yourself crying in a magazine and remembered why you felt like that and the emotions haunting you with your name and your face on it everywhere?

She had a huge pressure, she tried, many times, to pull herself together. But the media and the fucktards in her life crushed her, ruined her. In the end, she couldn't take it anymore, so the pills and the alcohol became the last thing she experienced in this cruel world. Amy was a lovely woman, talented and a free spirit, to bad that not many people can see that, remember, there is a reason for everything you do in life..

When I am in London, I will try to visit her grave and leave a flower, feels like I owe her that. <3

:( <3

Todays outfit and update.

Hi sweeties <3 

Today I was at school, got some work done (or else I have a day off on Mondays). I got an macbook so that I can work with my music, just started on a song, it is just samples so far that I've putted together, lol. But it sounded good, I've got the intro so far, but I didn't have time to finish it today but I will on Wednesday. I was at the gym with my best friend Kimberly, it was nice to see her, long time no see. I worked out with her, I focused mostly today on the bum and thighs, I didn't have so much energy as I usually do when I workout at the gym, but it feels good that I've did something, rather that then not doing anything at all. I worked out a little bit yesterday here at home and today at the gym with the most beautiful person ever, my bff. <3

It feels nice that I am back on track again, when it comes to school and training. I didn't wear any extensions today since I thought I was just going by school and right to the gym afterwards, so it wasn't necessary.

Here is today's outfit, btw, don't wear any contacts on the pictures, just my own natural eye color. :)

I will put a post soon about what I search for in a guy, do's and don't etc, so stay tuned for it. ;)


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Visit Sandra's blog!

Well, this is Sandra, she is a musician and design her own jewelry. Her blog is very fun to read, she has strong opinions about certain things here in life and she is cool as fuck. It also happens to be one of my closest friends, at the moment, the blog is only on Swedish, BUT, she will get herself a translate button on her blog so you can actually translate it to any language u want, so that is good news. ;)

She writes about everything in between heaven and earth, so pay her a visit by clicking HERE.

That is her on the picture, pretty girl, right? :*


Just a regular Sunday.

Hi everyone <3 

Today, I am just going to study, clean up the room (always does that on the last day of the week), try one of the butt workouts that I've posted earlier and have a SPA-day. That is how my Sundays look like. It is the last day of the week, so I like to prepare for an entire week of stress by relaxing with a nice treatment for myself, get done with the stuff that is stressing me out (schoolwork) and clean up in here, because it looks like a hot mess, lol..

I will take some pictures, so that you have something nice to watch on, I have been thinking about making a facebook page, where I can put all my photos, updates and everything there.. I will see what I am going to do with it. :)

Well, TTYS. :* 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

This is how you get the perfect sexy ass! ;)

I thought about posting this up yesterday, but as I mentioned, I slept an whole entire day off, so I post this now, so sorry for the delay.

This girl is amazing, you don't have to go to the gym to these exercises, you can just do it and home, great hu'h? :D

I will try one of these when I am at home and not at the gym, you can do these exercises any time, some of the videos may be harder to do, but that depends on how fast you want the results. ;)

For more videos from this amazing girl, check for more videos, you can find more details there about the workouts and a lot more other workout videos on different parts of your body that you want to focuse on.

More ass to the people! <3 


slept of an whole entire day, lol!

Hi readers <3 

I know the update hasn't been at it's best today, but, I have been sleeping all day, no joke. I had a troubled sleep last night, since my cat is always whining on the nights and didn't let me get some sleep at all (damn you kitty). I felt like shit this morning and I have had disturbed sleep all day, but right now, I feel like I have rested out to the fullest now. I didn't realize how tired I actually was, everyone in my family also slept all day, lol, so it wasn't just me.

I guess it could have been depending on my busy week and now it is weekend so I take the chance to reset my energy and I realized now how much I needed it. So it feels good <3 

Here is a sexy picure of a russian model that I've found on a facebook page:

I can agree with her, I LOVE SLEEP, I could actually marry my own bed if it was possible.. 


Friday, January 25, 2013

WOW, thank you dear followers, love y'all!

This is so overwhelming, I mean, omg, I get soo happy and apparently I have some fans across the world, that is awesome, that someone have me as an inspiration and are a fan of me, hihi <3 

I love all my followers/readers/fans, you are the best ! :*
You motivate and inspire me a lot, really, remember that. Thank you. <3

 This is the stats of how many sideviews I have had today, so far, 533 (on the top) second is how many I had yesterday, which is 779 pageviews, third is showing for this month over 4000 readers, (sick!!) and last, all the time, 11 400 pageviews.

For this picture, I got over 500 likes, so sweet that so many people support me!  <3

Now, this shows how many readers from which country, this is today's stats, on the top is readers from US 296, second Sweden 161, third Germany 67, fourth the UK 47, fifh France 22 then Canada 19, Mexiko 18, Austrailia 16, Spain 13 and Italy 10, that is so cool! :D

Thank you so much, it is amazing how much my blog has been growing since I started and these numbers makes me keep up with the updates and all the things I do, you are the best, love you all and big kisses to you! <3 


Yay for Friday !

Hello beautiful you <3 

Today its finally Friday, yay, which means weekend starts, I haven't planned anything in particular, I want to relax, so I am watching Simpsons and laying in the bed and having a cozy time. It is extremly cold here in Sweden, so you cannot do anything special because of the freezing cold, brrr. 

It has been a long week so I am just going to chill out today and spend some quality time with the family, do you have any plans sweetheart? <3 

I am wearing my Princess sesame grey circle lenses.


I want to be there for you (serious post)

Hello dear readers, <3 

I want to talk about something quite serious, that is an issue that many people of you don't see in everyday life because these girls (even boys) have this problem. I am talking about the confident and weight. This is a very sensitive topic to talk about and many people can get upset/angry/hurt just to bring it up but I will share with you my opinion and my thoughts about it.

I have been thin all my life, as long as I can remember. I didn't choose to be skinny (but I am not complaining thow) and people think it is so easy to be me because I am thinner than most girls and even a lot of jealousy was appeared on the way that I have had to deal with. I can get hurtful words to, it is not only overweight people who gets hurt by people calling them names, I can get that to.
I just have a very good metabolism, it is very high, believe it or not, but today I ate both at Subway and Burger King.

I don't starve myself, sure, I have had some period of time in my life when I actually didn't eat, mostly because of depression and others things, not because I wanted to get "skinnier" than I already am. Just wanted to say that.

To get to the point - I cannot really imagine how hard it most be on someone who is not confident with themselves and is a bit overweight (which is a normal thing, trust me) because of some reason and get called names like fat etc.
If you want to loose a couple of pounds, that is OK. Why should it be such a bad thing, like, really??

It is good for the health, you feel better with yourself and you gain more confident. Sure, looks aren't everything, for real, you can be as perfect as a barbie doll but if your personality sucks you will get ugly in everybody else's eyes (at least in mine).

I think personality comes first, but there is nothing wrong of improving your looks because that can really boost your confidence even more. If you like being curvy, busty or w/e, that's fine, be that and be fucking proud. 

But this post is for those who aren't happy with themselves because of that, those who have a hard time and struggle and wants help on their way and maybe even tried so many times but failed and even feel worse because of that. It is nothing wrong if you want to loose some weight, get more fit or thinner, that doesn't mean that you want to look like a barbie if you do that, this is something that these persons want to do for themselves to feel better, both on the inside and outside.

I have a some tips/tricks, but you have to stay strong and true to yourself all the time, if you fail once or twice, whatever, that is just human and keep your goal in focuse and get back on track.

I think everyone is beautiful in their own ways, especially if your personality is awesome, that will shine through more than you can imagine, make sure that people can see that ! <3
Then, an improvement on your looks, is just a big plus and a boost as I mentioned.

I will help you, I will try to guide you the best ways I can, I will be your little inspiration that will kick your ass to get started, but remember, it is in the end all up to you and how you want to deal with things, I am just a guide here that will help you on your way. That's all.

Stay true to yourself and go for it if you like to, but don't bring yourself down because of it, there is good ways to do this things and I will show you. <3

Love // Jawa.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I will be your inspiration.

Hi sweeties <3 

It was fun to see how many of you were interested in my blog! :D
I got happy by the numbers of the visitor so I thought, well, as a thank you, I took these pictures just for you and also I want to be an inspiration for those who wants to get thinner. I do not do this to insult anyone, I enjoy of doing this and I am proud of my body and want to help others on their way to their dream body. So, I can be your little inspiration and I will make a post soon of how you can get healthier and thinner in a good way and not in an unhealthy way like most blogger do and write about some stupid ass diet that doesn't even work in long-terms.

Today's face-look.