Monday, January 28, 2013

Amy Winehouse, my heart goes to you...

For you who doesn't know this, Amy Winehouse, was one of my biggest idols for many years. I litterally cried when I found out that she was dead. She struggled a lot with her own demons, many people couldn't see that. Her lyrics was so dark, she mentioned many times "I don't wanna ever drink again, I just need a friend."

She was lonely, the love in her life was only using her and she had no one. That's why the alcohol and the drugs became her only friend in the dark. She didn't want to feel, so she numbed herself. Everyone is all like "well, why didn't she go to rehab?"
I will fucking tell you why. They didn't care for her, just only that she becomes clean and pay them  loads of money then they are happy.
She didn't have anyone around her, not family or even a friend, the lovers in her life were just using her, pumped drugs in her and wanted to be on the cover of gossip magazines. Can you even imagine how hard it is to have paparazzi's all over your fucking face, WHERE EVER YOU GO?? 
She couldn't be herself or express her feelings of all the shit that was going on in her personal life (she didn't even have one thow at all) because if she did that, she became the headline for a  week, how fun is it to actually see yourself crying in a magazine and remembered why you felt like that and the emotions haunting you with your name and your face on it everywhere?

She had a huge pressure, she tried, many times, to pull herself together. But the media and the fucktards in her life crushed her, ruined her. In the end, she couldn't take it anymore, so the pills and the alcohol became the last thing she experienced in this cruel world. Amy was a lovely woman, talented and a free spirit, to bad that not many people can see that, remember, there is a reason for everything you do in life..

When I am in London, I will try to visit her grave and leave a flower, feels like I owe her that. <3

:( <3


  1. Oh hon var min favvis för ett par år sedan.. Det är så synd :( Lämna en blomma från mig också, och ta en klunk starksprit på england-vis, som det ska vara.

    1. Självklart ska jag göra det, från oss båda. <3
      Hon förtjänar att bli hedrad faktiskt :(