Saturday, January 12, 2013

Been at school this week and some update on everything.

Hi Sweeties <3

Sorry for not updating as much as I normally started doing but that is because I have changed my sleeping routines and I am fully awake around midnight and goes to sleep early in the morning and sleep all day long. It has been holidays and having 2 weeks off. 

I am right now trying to get  back to my normal rythm and it doens't work exactly as I want it to do. I sleep at very weird times, especially when I get home from school since I go long days, from 8.30 to 16.30 even I stay to 17.00 and then go somewhere, like a friend, then gets home really late and the first thing I do is fall a sleep.

But I update as usual under the weekends or when I find some extra time, but since it is the last semester and all my things should be sent in and new courses is getting started right now, I have things to do all the time.

But I believe, that after my graduation, I will blog all the time. Then I am free- <3 

On the private part of my life, I have had also some issues with a "special" someone that is pissing me off all the time. But I stay cool, for now.. Need do focuse on some other important shit than on a little b**ch.

Anyways,here is a repost of  pictures on me since I am not updating from my regular computer or have been taking any new pictures lately.


having sexytime with Natta- ;)


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