Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bought the new Xperia V

I bought this phone today, omg, it is soo awesome! <3

I have been waiting for a very long time, even before they came out on the market!
I finally have it now. I deserve a new phone. It is water resistent, it has 13,5 mp on the camera, a camera in front and on the back, so that is cool. All the buttons are on one side of the phone, so that is neat. It is thin, isn't heavy at all and got a big display. 
It is the phone that are shown on the commercials, the new Xperia V. I am so glad that I said no to all the Iphones that I got offered to buy, it was worth the wait. I will always have it in my bra where ever I go, so no one can fucking steal it, I know that many people would wanna do that, so hah, jokes on you! ;)

I will definetly take more pictures and now I can be active again on Instagram and even blog when I am on the run, so that is great news actually. I will upload a video that I made with the cellphone camera, I can say, this phone has more megapixels than my camera! :o

The quality is sick, love it, this is my new baby.. <3 :*
I will upload the video soon, since I couldn't upload it on facebook because the file was to big.. Yeah, it is that great quality.. 


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  1. Hejsan! Nu har vinnaren i YOUR STYLE tävlingen blivit vald! :) hoppas ni är med igen eller lämnar en kommentar på vägen ut! :) http://www.nattstad.se/Sm%C3%A5stadsflickan?id=6692707