Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Going 2 London soon!

Hello Sweethearts <3 

Today I have been at school and working out at the gym with Sandra, it was nice to be back on track at the gym. I can feel my core being hard as f*ck, feels nice to get my abs back, they will pop up any time soon. <3

Well, me and my class are going on a trip to London, I am super excited, I have been waiting for this since I started my high school and now it is finally going to be off!

So, if any of you beautiful readers live there, TELL ME, I WANT TO MEET YOU! <3 

Sources: Tumblr, weheartit. 


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  1. Hej! Svar på frågestunden del 1 kommer upp idag klockan 14.00! :D Håll utkik! Kram! :)