Friday, January 25, 2013

I want to be there for you (serious post)

Hello dear readers, <3 

I want to talk about something quite serious, that is an issue that many people of you don't see in everyday life because these girls (even boys) have this problem. I am talking about the confident and weight. This is a very sensitive topic to talk about and many people can get upset/angry/hurt just to bring it up but I will share with you my opinion and my thoughts about it.

I have been thin all my life, as long as I can remember. I didn't choose to be skinny (but I am not complaining thow) and people think it is so easy to be me because I am thinner than most girls and even a lot of jealousy was appeared on the way that I have had to deal with. I can get hurtful words to, it is not only overweight people who gets hurt by people calling them names, I can get that to.
I just have a very good metabolism, it is very high, believe it or not, but today I ate both at Subway and Burger King.

I don't starve myself, sure, I have had some period of time in my life when I actually didn't eat, mostly because of depression and others things, not because I wanted to get "skinnier" than I already am. Just wanted to say that.

To get to the point - I cannot really imagine how hard it most be on someone who is not confident with themselves and is a bit overweight (which is a normal thing, trust me) because of some reason and get called names like fat etc.
If you want to loose a couple of pounds, that is OK. Why should it be such a bad thing, like, really??

It is good for the health, you feel better with yourself and you gain more confident. Sure, looks aren't everything, for real, you can be as perfect as a barbie doll but if your personality sucks you will get ugly in everybody else's eyes (at least in mine).

I think personality comes first, but there is nothing wrong of improving your looks because that can really boost your confidence even more. If you like being curvy, busty or w/e, that's fine, be that and be fucking proud. 

But this post is for those who aren't happy with themselves because of that, those who have a hard time and struggle and wants help on their way and maybe even tried so many times but failed and even feel worse because of that. It is nothing wrong if you want to loose some weight, get more fit or thinner, that doesn't mean that you want to look like a barbie if you do that, this is something that these persons want to do for themselves to feel better, both on the inside and outside.

I have a some tips/tricks, but you have to stay strong and true to yourself all the time, if you fail once or twice, whatever, that is just human and keep your goal in focuse and get back on track.

I think everyone is beautiful in their own ways, especially if your personality is awesome, that will shine through more than you can imagine, make sure that people can see that ! <3
Then, an improvement on your looks, is just a big plus and a boost as I mentioned.

I will help you, I will try to guide you the best ways I can, I will be your little inspiration that will kick your ass to get started, but remember, it is in the end all up to you and how you want to deal with things, I am just a guide here that will help you on your way. That's all.

Stay true to yourself and go for it if you like to, but don't bring yourself down because of it, there is good ways to do this things and I will show you. <3

Love // Jawa.

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