Thursday, January 24, 2013

I will be your inspiration.

Hi sweeties <3 

It was fun to see how many of you were interested in my blog! :D
I got happy by the numbers of the visitor so I thought, well, as a thank you, I took these pictures just for you and also I want to be an inspiration for those who wants to get thinner. I do not do this to insult anyone, I enjoy of doing this and I am proud of my body and want to help others on their way to their dream body. So, I can be your little inspiration and I will make a post soon of how you can get healthier and thinner in a good way and not in an unhealthy way like most blogger do and write about some stupid ass diet that doesn't even work in long-terms.

Today's face-look.



  1. Heej tänkte fråga dig om vilken färg du använde när du färgade håret? :D Jättefin blogg btw! :)

    1. hej, du kan läsa om det i detta inlägg som jag skrivit om hur jag fått det exakt som jag har det

      tack, kram :D