Sunday, January 13, 2013

New stuff in / photobomb :D

Hello dear readers <3 

Today I went shopping with my mother (this time I actually paid for everything, lol) and it was nice to have some quality time with my mother. I bought stuff that I needed, mostly makeup, I also took loads of new pictures of me and the stuff that I bought since I haven't been doing that for a while.

Tried out a new kind of makeup, just a bit more colorful than I usually go for. 

Me smiling, yey. 

Now this is me tried out my new makeup. 

Warning, super highly exposured images, lol, I got an awesome camera <3

I look kind of like Nicki Minaj on those pics. It doesn't look like that irl, haha, remember, the light makes a huge difference on the pics.. 
Well, as Nicki Minaj says, PINK FRIDAY !
(but it isn't Friday.. ba-dum-tss.)

I bought one dark brown eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel to keep them in place, kabuki brush, blush in the shade bronze, a bronzer for the face/body and a perfume. All of this is purchased in H&M and the brand is also by H&M. I usually don't buy makeup from there, especially their own brand, but this things do work actually and is nice to your wallet. ;)

Bought 2 lipsticks at Åhlens, the one to the left is called "Dreamy" and the second is called "Madonna". The brand is by Viva la Diva. I actually bought the wrong shade, I thought that "Madonna" was a nude color (that I actually tried in the STORE) but when I bought it and opened it, it was the wrong color. :(( 
But it is pretty thow and I will be using it. ;) 

A nailpolish that was on sale, it is metallic green and the brand is by Isadora.I like this color, it is cool and funky :)

Argan oil by PROFFS, bought this in H&M. I needed something for my dry hair and it really works. It is also cheap, costed me about  4 euro (39,90 kr), not bad.. 

Well, that was about it, I finish this post with a picture of me smiling. Got any questions about the makeup or w/e just leave a comment in the comment section.


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