Saturday, January 26, 2013

slept of an whole entire day, lol!

Hi readers <3 

I know the update hasn't been at it's best today, but, I have been sleeping all day, no joke. I had a troubled sleep last night, since my cat is always whining on the nights and didn't let me get some sleep at all (damn you kitty). I felt like shit this morning and I have had disturbed sleep all day, but right now, I feel like I have rested out to the fullest now. I didn't realize how tired I actually was, everyone in my family also slept all day, lol, so it wasn't just me.

I guess it could have been depending on my busy week and now it is weekend so I take the chance to reset my energy and I realized now how much I needed it. So it feels good <3 

Here is a sexy picure of a russian model that I've found on a facebook page:

I can agree with her, I LOVE SLEEP, I could actually marry my own bed if it was possible.. 


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