Monday, January 21, 2013

Some new music I started to listen to.

It was a long time since I made a post about music. I discovered some new music and I wanted to share it with you. I think that these songs are very relaxing and cool, you can just lay all day long and listen to it.. <3 

I have a special taste when it comes to music, for me, I adore people with very unique voices, I hate that all the artists sounds the same nowadays. But here is some special artists that I really like and they do have powerful voices, love it.

Artist: Florence and the Machine 
Song: Seven Devils

Artist: Florence and the machine 
song: No light 

Artist: Florence and the Machine 
Song: You've got the love

Artist: Florence and the Machine 
Song: Cosmic love (Seven Lion's remix) 

I prefer this version better than the original.

Artist: Deadmau5 
Song : Aural Psynapse (Mr FijiWiji remix) 

I love Deadmau5 and I dont like when people are mixing up his songs since thet are as good as they already are. But I like this producer (have listened to his songs before) and his mix of Deadmau5's song is awesome, super relaxing.

Artist: Placebo 
Song: Every Me, Every You 

I never get tired of this song, ever.

Artist: Placebo 
Song: Running up that hill 

Many people know this song by Placebo, it is their most famous song and it is really beautiful.

Well, that was about it when it comes to music. Hope you enjoyed it.


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