Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's look and update :)

Hello dear readers <3 

As I said earlier today, I would post better pictures of today's look but you had to deal with some gif's temporary until I've got home. I got a ride home from my classmate, so sweet, thank u <3 

I love Wednesdays because they are short and they are chill, I just have music and Swedish C. I will post up later on how you can get the exact same make-up as Kat Von D, actually makeup tutorials by herself, exciting, right? ;)

So stay tuned, I will post it up here on the blog very soon. I am happy that things work out much better in school, I have put up some different dates for some schoolwork that I lay behind in. So it feels good. Today I went for the smokey eyes, it always works and I added 2 blonde highlights in the hair just to fresh it up a bit more.

I look very horny on this picture, lol. Like "mmmmm, take me.."

This is a good day. :)


swaag, lol.

Yeah yeah, I know I have a huge pimple on my face, but w/e man.

Edit: I'm wearing my Chocolate Brown circle lenses. ;)


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