Monday, January 28, 2013

Todays outfit and update.

Hi sweeties <3 

Today I was at school, got some work done (or else I have a day off on Mondays). I got an macbook so that I can work with my music, just started on a song, it is just samples so far that I've putted together, lol. But it sounded good, I've got the intro so far, but I didn't have time to finish it today but I will on Wednesday. I was at the gym with my best friend Kimberly, it was nice to see her, long time no see. I worked out with her, I focused mostly today on the bum and thighs, I didn't have so much energy as I usually do when I workout at the gym, but it feels good that I've did something, rather that then not doing anything at all. I worked out a little bit yesterday here at home and today at the gym with the most beautiful person ever, my bff. <3

It feels nice that I am back on track again, when it comes to school and training. I didn't wear any extensions today since I thought I was just going by school and right to the gym afterwards, so it wasn't necessary.

Here is today's outfit, btw, don't wear any contacts on the pictures, just my own natural eye color. :)

I will put a post soon about what I search for in a guy, do's and don't etc, so stay tuned for it. ;)


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