Monday, January 28, 2013

What I look for in a guy. ;)

Hi sweeties <3 

I know that some of you have been waiting for this, so here it finally is, yey!

I will write about what I look for in a guy, what makes me fall for that one special person and how you can win my heart. I will tell you, is not that easy, but the price you get is totally worth it for sure ;) 

The first thing I go for is actually what kind of style you have, then, when I get to know you, its these things I look for in a personality:

  • sweetness/kindness
  • charm 
  • intelligence 
  • confidence 
  • good listener 
  • helpful 
  • experience with relations, this is something very important for me 
  • be yourself 
  • have your own style 
  • random humor 
  • funny
  • same music taste
  • edgy

These things are important, I look for how sweet/kind you are towards others and me. If you have this mysterious charm that I love and if you are confident with yourself enough that will get my attention. You have to be a good listener and someone who is helpful and can be there when I am having my bad days, instead of getting mad and upset I want you to be understanding and helpful and ask me whats up. I need to know the experiences you have had in relationship, this way, I can totally tell if your just a player or someone who is serious. I love it when a guy can make me laugh and share the same random sense of humor that I have, so that is a big ups. ;)

This is what I don't like in a guy:

  • talking about yourself all the time 
  • nagging on everything 
  • jealousy 
  • call/text me all the fucking time 
  • trust issues 
  • to much ego 
  • to busy to talk to me when I am sad 
  • talking about other girls and comparing me with your ex (?!) 
  • bragging about your shags that you have had 
  • suicidal (sorry, but I had have enough of this) 
  • not comfortable in your own skin (trust me, that shows and it is a big turn off)
  • judging 
  • telling me what I can and can't do (there is a limit guys..)

I cannot stand these things above, if I find any of these, I promise, it is a big TURN-OFF and I will stop talking to you immediately or ignoring you.

I mean, a guy can be confident and compliment himself times to times but not always, if you wander around and talking about how good looking you are and how everybody want you, well, don't be with be, go to those who wants you that fucking much, why do you have me then?

I also dislike when you get jealous of my guy friends, I mean, come on, they are just friends. If I wanted to have any of them, I wouldn't be with you, right?

Something else that turns me off big time, is that when you brag about how much laid you've got in the past. I am not interested in hearing that and honestly, I get disgusted by it. I prefer someone who wasn't been with many than someone who has slept with over a hundreds of girls. Honestly.

About the suicidal part, it is ok if you are depressed, but I am not a therapist. I don't want to hear you say you want to die all the time and you have nothing to life for etc. I've been together with a guy who was like that, over 3 years, I got tired in the end of hearing it and mentally ill so I had to end it. So sorry, no offence but I have really bad experiences of that and don't want to go through that again.

It is ok if you care and say don't do this because of that and etc. But to complain about every little thing I do. I smoke, I drink sometime and so on, accept it.. Don't tell me that I am like this and that, I fucking hate that, remember you are with me for who I am. Even though I have flaws you will still love me for them, because they are there and a part of me, I am not perfect neither are you. They aren't going anywhere because it doesn't fit you. Don't judge me like that.

So, there you have it guys, I think I covered most of it..

Here is what I like for sort of style and what sort of boys that are in my taste:

Ok, now I have used images of models/actors/singer, but you kind of get the idea at least of what I like when it comes to style/look? 

Now, I know that they are perfect (the guys on the pics) but take that, make it a real life image, then you get the big picture. Big turn on is dreads, piercing, tattoos and ofc some class, not to much, just a bit, then its perfect. ;)

Soure for pictures: Tumblr, Google.


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