Friday, January 25, 2013

WOW, thank you dear followers, love y'all!

This is so overwhelming, I mean, omg, I get soo happy and apparently I have some fans across the world, that is awesome, that someone have me as an inspiration and are a fan of me, hihi <3 

I love all my followers/readers/fans, you are the best ! :*
You motivate and inspire me a lot, really, remember that. Thank you. <3

 This is the stats of how many sideviews I have had today, so far, 533 (on the top) second is how many I had yesterday, which is 779 pageviews, third is showing for this month over 4000 readers, (sick!!) and last, all the time, 11 400 pageviews.

For this picture, I got over 500 likes, so sweet that so many people support me!  <3

Now, this shows how many readers from which country, this is today's stats, on the top is readers from US 296, second Sweden 161, third Germany 67, fourth the UK 47, fifh France 22 then Canada 19, Mexiko 18, Austrailia 16, Spain 13 and Italy 10, that is so cool! :D

Thank you so much, it is amazing how much my blog has been growing since I started and these numbers makes me keep up with the updates and all the things I do, you are the best, love you all and big kisses to you! <3 


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