Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Arrived. Update. Pictures.

Hi honeys <3 

Just wanted to say that I arrived yesterday, safe in sound. I took 2 drinks, Simon came over, so it was just me, Jesper, Natta and Simon. Me and Simon were the only one who was drinking since Natta was very sick and Jesper took care of her while me and Simon had "party" lol. 

Today we went to the city, me and Natta. We ate for almost 300 kr each which is like 30£. Expensive but worth it. I was a little ill since the day before, had a little bit disturbed sleep since I slept on the cough. Derp. 

I helped Natta and went her shopping with her, she needed my expertise advice ofc, hehe. ;) 

Here is the pictures we took.
Örebro - statsslottet.

Enjoying the sun.

had the bun today, hihi <3

Kind of today's outfit.

I like this pic.

lol, I look so awkward, but that is because Natta took the pics and I couldn't stop laughing, lol.. <3

Natta! :D 

we ordered 2 big pepsi's. I promise you, they were big as hell, 

This is what the bun looks. 

I am looking forward for tomorrow, that is when the real party is going down! <3 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On the bus right now..

Hi sweeties <3

Right now I am sittning on the bus with Natta. We are on your way to Örebro. I brought with me my computer and my camera so I can blog while I am there. Im going to answer a question soon that I've got from a reader. Wei! :)

Before we went aboard on the bus I bought a hair donut that was in a package from a store Called Taj Mahal.
I asked the staff that worked there if this is bigger than the usual ones that you can buy in reglar Beauty supplies  store and they said yes and that is their biggest donut off all their sizes that they have. So I bought it.

I can  honestly say that I Was dissapointed.. It was very small and not big at all.. Kind of the same feeling when a Guy brags about how big his dick is but when you see it, you get very dissapointed beacause of the high expections.. Lol.

Well, I Will blog more when I Arrive, especialy tomorrow. So stay tuned honeys! :*

I am blogging from the cellphone right now btw, pictures are taken today also. First one you can see the donut, its im the package and the second picture is today's facelook. ;)


Monday, February 25, 2013


Hi sweethearts <3

Long time no see, have u missed me? :D

I am very sorry for not updating but I have been sick since Thursday, it isn't until NOW I start to feel better. About 2 weeks ago I was also sick and now again.. If it isn't the flu its fever, if it isn't fever it is something else. Quite embarrassing to write it out on the blog, but I really have been feeling like shit, couldn't even lay down sometimes or sit..

Anyways, I have a holiday right now, a week off from now on. I have some plans, it will include partying and by that means, a lot of pictures ofc! ;)

I will travel to Örebro tomorrow and stay there a couple of days. I know I have been writing about that I will never step my foot inside there ever again, after all the shit I've been through when I was there. But things have changed (I hope so atleast), so I have to go there, I have some stuff I need to take care of and this is a way of putting my past behind.. So I have to do this. I am a bit skeptical to go there again, after everything, but this time I am more prepared and I know what to do and not do.

Here is the picture that me and Simon made, he is from Örebro, so don't mix him up with my the other Simon that I have schoolproject with and that I blogged about before. Since I know 4 Simon right now, heuheuheu.

Heuheuheuheu, Genious. Our sence of humor Is. The. Best. <3

This is what Simon from Örebro looks like - 

Cute hu'h? Well ladies, here is a link to his facebook

Going to party with this awesome dude, it's going to be legendary! 

Have a nice time readers and stay tuned because many more updates will come, even with this hottie if u want to see more of that. ;) 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Was shopping for 4000kr (400£)

Hello beautiful readers out there. <3 

Today I have been spoiled, which honestly doesn't happens to often. It is dangerous for a girl to have a credit card when she is shopping online, lol. Well, you know the best part is? I didn't have to pay a penny, I got all these stuff, since I am awesome. ;) 

I give the Jeffrey Campbell shoes a new chance. This time, I ordered them in one bigger size, I think they will fit, I hope so at least. Also, I bought a pair of glitter/gold heels, they were on sale so why not, right..?

I have been wanting the spiked bra for a very long time, this is a real spiked bra, not some "spiked" one that is not even pretty, lol
I love the leggins that I ordered as well, makes the bum looks sexy as well. :* 

The war bonnet is from Amazon. It costed me A LOT. It is made in real feathers and fur. Handmade one. 

The most pricy stuff here is the JC shoes, which costs 1595 kr (around 160£) and the war bonnet that went on 155 dollars, which is like 1200kr (120£). Pricy, but it's worth it. I hope so at lest..

If you wonder what the war bonnet is for, you will see, in time.. ;)

The spiked bra.

My leggins.
How they look like infront.
My wonderful war bonnet.<3
Jeffrey Campell's-<3
The awesome golden glitter heels that were on sale. ;)

I cannot wait to get the stuff and show it to you sweeties, it will be like Christmas all over again, hihi. <3 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inspiration: Bohemian Dreamer

Source: Tumblr.

Oh my, inspiration on high level. Bohemian dreamer.. <3



Hi sweeties <3

I feel like I have to write off certain things.
One thing that I got bothered by, is when someone steals my ideas and does the exact same things that I do and the person gets credit for it and I don't. When it was me that came up with all the ideas and did everything first and still, the other person, who copies me get credit for it and others think that I copy that person while that person copied me. You know what I'm sayin'?

There is a reason why I wont share my thoughts and ideas because some people just don't have their own creativity/imagination or are to lazy to come up with something. I feel like that.
The reason why I am feeling like this is because I put A LOT off effort in to the ideas that I get and someone is taking them without any problem and all suddenly, that person gets all the creds while I did the f*cking hard work. Not cool at all.

I am quite pissed over it, seriously. My blog, my creativity my rules. NO ONE takes the ideas from me and try to get credit for it. The worst part is, that the person doesn't even care or admit it.
I don't copy, sorry, I got a hell lot of imagination and internet that helps me if I have any issues, its called Google, others should do the same thing as I do.

This has going on for to long, but I didn't care about it until now, there is a line/limit you know..

Fine if you get inspired, but don't steal the ideas and take credit for it when you know that I came up with it, its really annoying.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Blog Under Construction.

Hi sweeties! <3 

Something fun is going to happen to this blog. I will make some drastic upgrades and it can look a bit messy for now, but, I promise, the results will be awesome. 
I am so excited for the changes, unfortunately I cannot tell you what it is, but you have to see for yourselves, in time, you'll see.. ;)

Have some secrets plans and projects, but I will not share them here because someone is going to steal the ideas and I don't want that to happen, so don't even nag on me about it, because I am not going to tell you, you just have to wait like the rest. ;)

Since the ideas are original and made by my own creativity, so there is no chance that I will copy any one else. This will be legendary my friends. <3 

Edit: i got my own domain right now, but you can still go in to, the links will direct to this page, but when you search for the blog, just type in, I got my own page now. ;)

Source: Google.


Friday, February 15, 2013


Source: weheartit.

I am getting cozy and watching Snooki&Jwoww show, PINK FRIDAY, WOOP WOOP! <3


Kiss kiss bang bang.

Hi sweeties. <3 

Today I been at school, haven't done so much. Lately I have been busy, as usual, stress stress stress.. 

But now, its Friday, so I will just chill the f*ck out, I need it. Also, here is some pictures that I took with my cellphone at school. I had curled my hair and having my hair a bit unusual to what I am used to having it. 

The first 2 is taken with the flash on, edited the lightning a little bit so it wouldn't look so much "in your face" since the flash is very strong. 
The second 2 pictures is taken without the flash, no editing at all. 

I look like a doll, lol, creepy..


I update a bit more there, follow me and i'll follow you back. ;)