Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Arrived. Update. Pictures.

Hi honeys <3 

Just wanted to say that I arrived yesterday, safe in sound. I took 2 drinks, Simon came over, so it was just me, Jesper, Natta and Simon. Me and Simon were the only one who was drinking since Natta was very sick and Jesper took care of her while me and Simon had "party" lol. 

Today we went to the city, me and Natta. We ate for almost 300 kr each which is like 30£. Expensive but worth it. I was a little ill since the day before, had a little bit disturbed sleep since I slept on the cough. Derp. 

I helped Natta and went her shopping with her, she needed my expertise advice ofc, hehe. ;) 

Here is the pictures we took.
Örebro - statsslottet.

Enjoying the sun.

had the bun today, hihi <3

Kind of today's outfit.

I like this pic.

lol, I look so awkward, but that is because Natta took the pics and I couldn't stop laughing, lol.. <3

Natta! :D 

we ordered 2 big pepsi's. I promise you, they were big as hell, 

This is what the bun looks. 

I am looking forward for tomorrow, that is when the real party is going down! <3 


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