Thursday, February 7, 2013

having the worst cold ever :(

Hi sweethearts<3 

I haven't been able to update for a while since I had a lot of things to do, been at school and done some other personal stuff..

Right now, I have the worst cold ever, my throat is all swelled up, my nose is running and omg, I feel like I am dying.. lol. :(

Well, since I am home and being sick, I thought, I could start to watch the show "Sons of anarchy" ?

My friend has been nagging on me about it and I have nothing to do so I can kill the time by watching a new show. Perhaps I will start to watch "the walking dead" also, that is my plans for today, lay in the bed, drinking tea and watch tv-shows, woop woop!

I might even be updating the blog more, I usually do that when I get sick, lol, so stay tuned. :*


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