Monday, February 11, 2013

I am kind of tired of my hair.. So I decided to color it again! :)

Hi sweeties<3 

I have been thinking, I am getting kind of tired of my red hair and since it is time to re-color it soon, why not choose another color this time..?

It feels like I have had so many extreme haircolors lately, it is hard to take care of the color since it rinse of very quickly, especially the red hair. I am only lucky that I have good hair products for my red hair, but its really hard to take care of it after a while and honestly, I am getting sick and tired of it.. 

I mean, I love the red hair, I have got so many compliments for it and honestly, this has been the most fun color to wear.<3 

But it's time for me to say goodbye to it.. I will miss it for sure, it has been a part of me and people calling me redhead, so it kinda feels like a part of me is going to die, lol, (laame, I know).

For once, I actually want to have a natural hair color, I have had many styles of hair and colors but actually, for now.. I want to have a normal hair color for a while, weird to say, but it is true. Maybe that has something to do with me growing up? ;)
I will dye it in some kind of crazy color soon, that wouldn't surprise me since I get tired very easily of my hair. But not for a while, at least what I think..

Some inspiration pictures. :)

maybe less purlpe and more brown, perfect combo.

Source: Tumblr, Weheartit. 


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