Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hi sweeties <3

I feel like I have to write off certain things.
One thing that I got bothered by, is when someone steals my ideas and does the exact same things that I do and the person gets credit for it and I don't. When it was me that came up with all the ideas and did everything first and still, the other person, who copies me get credit for it and others think that I copy that person while that person copied me. You know what I'm sayin'?

There is a reason why I wont share my thoughts and ideas because some people just don't have their own creativity/imagination or are to lazy to come up with something. I feel like that.
The reason why I am feeling like this is because I put A LOT off effort in to the ideas that I get and someone is taking them without any problem and all suddenly, that person gets all the creds while I did the f*cking hard work. Not cool at all.

I am quite pissed over it, seriously. My blog, my creativity my rules. NO ONE takes the ideas from me and try to get credit for it. The worst part is, that the person doesn't even care or admit it.
I don't copy, sorry, I got a hell lot of imagination and internet that helps me if I have any issues, its called Google, others should do the same thing as I do.

This has going on for to long, but I didn't care about it until now, there is a line/limit you know..

Fine if you get inspired, but don't steal the ideas and take credit for it when you know that I came up with it, its really annoying.


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