Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On the bus right now..

Hi sweeties <3

Right now I am sittning on the bus with Natta. We are on your way to Örebro. I brought with me my computer and my camera so I can blog while I am there. Im going to answer a question soon that I've got from a reader. Wei! :)

Before we went aboard on the bus I bought a hair donut that was in a package from a store Called Taj Mahal.
I asked the staff that worked there if this is bigger than the usual ones that you can buy in reglar Beauty supplies  store and they said yes and that is their biggest donut off all their sizes that they have. So I bought it.

I can  honestly say that I Was dissapointed.. It was very small and not big at all.. Kind of the same feeling when a Guy brags about how big his dick is but when you see it, you get very dissapointed beacause of the high expections.. Lol.

Well, I Will blog more when I Arrive, especialy tomorrow. So stay tuned honeys! :*

I am blogging from the cellphone right now btw, pictures are taken today also. First one you can see the donut, its im the package and the second picture is today's facelook. ;)


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