Sunday, February 10, 2013

Todays outfit and some sad news about my JC shoes..

Hi sweethearts <3 

I feel a lot better today actually, my cold is starting to take of, yey! <3 

Today I fetched my Jeffrey Campbell shoes from the post, you know the Litas that I ordered??
Well, before I get to that. While I was at the market, I bought a pair of leggins (super comfy <3) and a hoodie since it was on sale and a black hat that I always wanted but never had the time to buy one, lol. I took some pictures of what they look like. even today's facelook. 

About the shoes, when I got home, I ripped the package, opened the box and felt the most lovely shoes that I have been waiting over a year for and now I thought, I finally have them. They were so nice just to touch and are super gorgeous, I couldn't be more happy.. 
Then, when I finally was going to put them on, THEY WERE TO SMALL, I tried as hard as a fucker, started to panic and really pushed.. But no. It didn't work, couldn't even walk in them.. :(

Feels like the destiny is laughing right in my face, I can see them, touch them and own them but I cannot wear them.. Now I have to send them back, the worst part is, I bought them at a campaign price. There is no chance I can trade them in for another size since it was a limited deal.. 

Todays facelook, Close-up. :)

wei :)

Actually tried to smile, lol. 

My hoodie, love it.

Basic leggins.

The hat on the picture, is the one that I bought today.

Today's outfit.


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