Monday, February 25, 2013


Hi sweethearts <3

Long time no see, have u missed me? :D

I am very sorry for not updating but I have been sick since Thursday, it isn't until NOW I start to feel better. About 2 weeks ago I was also sick and now again.. If it isn't the flu its fever, if it isn't fever it is something else. Quite embarrassing to write it out on the blog, but I really have been feeling like shit, couldn't even lay down sometimes or sit..

Anyways, I have a holiday right now, a week off from now on. I have some plans, it will include partying and by that means, a lot of pictures ofc! ;)

I will travel to Örebro tomorrow and stay there a couple of days. I know I have been writing about that I will never step my foot inside there ever again, after all the shit I've been through when I was there. But things have changed (I hope so atleast), so I have to go there, I have some stuff I need to take care of and this is a way of putting my past behind.. So I have to do this. I am a bit skeptical to go there again, after everything, but this time I am more prepared and I know what to do and not do.

Here is the picture that me and Simon made, he is from Örebro, so don't mix him up with my the other Simon that I have schoolproject with and that I blogged about before. Since I know 4 Simon right now, heuheuheu.

Heuheuheuheu, Genious. Our sence of humor Is. The. Best. <3

This is what Simon from Örebro looks like - 

Cute hu'h? Well ladies, here is a link to his facebook

Going to party with this awesome dude, it's going to be legendary! 

Have a nice time readers and stay tuned because many more updates will come, even with this hottie if u want to see more of that. ;) 


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