Monday, March 25, 2013

Bought 2 lipsticks today!

Hi sweeties <3 

Today I was at the dentist. It went well but on Wendsday I have to fix 2 holes.. Lol. That kinda sucks, I hate going to the dentist :(

Anyway, after that I went shopping. I bought one highlighter from makeupstore and 2 nude lipsticks in the shades Fudge and Cream. They are not matte, which sucks on one way since the have a tendency to whipe off very easily..
 But the pigment in the Viva La Diva brand is awesome, so I had to buy it since I already got 2 more lipstick from this brand. I can show you the picture below here of what the shade Dream looks like on the lips.

Oh, also, I bought a lipliner from Viva la diva in the shade Nude. That is just to set the lipsticks a bit more and make them matte.

These are the colors that I have from Viva La Diva

This is a picture of me wearing Dreams on my lips ;) 

I will use these 2 nude lipsticks that I bought today a lot from now on. Well, atleast until I go to London and come back with loads of new makeup, WOOP! <3 

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