Sunday, March 3, 2013

I am home again, arrived Friday. Update on the trip!

Hi sweeties <3 

Sorry for not updating earlier but I just wanted to say that I arrived Friday back to Stockolm, when I got home I was sick, hungry, tired, exhausted and had pain everywhere so I felt asleep directly when I got home. Imagine sitting on a bus for 3 hours and feeling like shit, trust me, the last thing you think about is writing, you just want to rest in that moment.. 

Ok, now I am well rested and I will write down what happen down there, I pick it up from the last post. 

Thursday: I started to feel sick because Natta was very sick the night before so she kinda effected me, lol. I wasn't so happy about going out at first since the money didn't transfer to my account and I thought they would under the day. It was SO EMBARRASSING to see that I didn't have any money on the account when I was out with Simon and Natta. Jesper was on a concert with Billy so it was just me, Natta and Simon at that point. 

Anyways, I felt tired and sick and when I saw that I hadn't the money when I was all dressed up and started to get a little bit pumped up, my mood turned. I got super mad, lost all the joy of being out and even drink, I was super ready to turn back to the place and just sit out the night while the other guys were out and having fun. But I am happy that Simon and Natta persuaded me to stay and go in for at least one drink. I had money for one cider and one shot. 
Later on the evening, I finally got the money so my night was saved. I got into the mood again and I am happy that Simon and Natta didn't let me go back to Jesper's place (that is where I lived at the moment) and they made me stay, best choice ever. 

Billy and Jesper arrived later, they were on a concert so we all went to Rockbar and I bought Billy and Simon beer, since I am so awesome. ;) 

Jesper and Natta went back to the place while me, Simon and Billy stayed a while then we started to head back to Jesper since it was starting to get late and I was tired (and drunk).
We had a after-party, it was only Simon and Billy who kept drinking, I gave them the rest of my vodka.
I really didn't wanna drink anymore since I got some sort of fever and starting to feel like shit, lol. 

The night ended in the late morning so everything went fine. It was a fun night overall. <3

Friday: I bought the ticket and went back to Stockholm again. 

some wine, cider, beer and shots, but it all didn't show in the picture. Also this picture is taken by Natta.

me and simon, aw. 

btw, my package arrived, hihi.

Are you sugerpies excited to see what it is inside..? ;)
well, it is the stuff that I ordered the last time. :D

 Sorry guys for not taking so many pictures while I was out, but the thing is I didn't have the camera and that is not the first thing I think about when I am drunk and exhausted, but here is some pictures of me that I never uploaded, as a comfort.. :)

serious face nr.1

serious face nr.2

serious face nr.3

non serious face. Lol, I look really stoned on the pic (no, I am not actually stoned on this pic.). But I laughed my ass off when I found it in the camera! xD

Stay tuned if you want to see my Jeffrey Campells. my golden high heels (that looks soo sexy irl), my spiked bra and my pants. hihi <3 


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