Thursday, March 7, 2013

I don't have any internet at home atm!

Hi honeys <3 

I haven't been able to update since my internet at home doesn't work anymore. We are trying to fix it with Telia company and we have said many times that we have paid the fucking bill but they say that we haven't done it while we have been doing that not only once, but TWICE! 

Fuck that shiet, we are going to change internet company, Telia can piss themselves, fucking husslerz. 

Anyway, I took some pictures with my golden glitter high heels, wanted to put it up on the blog and OH, then I remembered, I DONT HAVE ANY FUCKING INTERNET AT HOME! 

So I am blogging from my school right now, I took these pictures yesterday with my cellphone and shooted the gif today.

I took them with the front camera = half crappy pictures, sorry for that. 

I shooted the gif in hurry, since I was afraid that the teacher would notice that I am blogging and nag on me about it, lol.

I promise I will try my best to fix the internet issue as good as I can so stay tuned, because I already have the pictures of my shoes in HQ waiting in anticipation to pop up on the blog :* 

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