Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sister's/movie night, WOOP!

Hi sweeties <3 

I promised that I would upload the pictures from the photoshoot but I haven't done it yet because I had been to the doctor and checking the heart and after that I was in school (this was on Friday) so yeah, busy girl. ;)

Anyway, yesterday I met my sister, we decided to watch the new movie Oz the great and powerful in 3D. The movie was OK, but everything in it was soo predictable and that is what made the movie a little bit boring actually..
I liked the graphics and the effects in the movie but the storyline, as I mentioned, was alright.

After that we went to O'larrys in Heron City, it was fun. Drank 3 ciders, 1 shot and one drink. The thing is, I was already drunk before that since I drank wine while watching the movie, honestly, I think the wine saved the mood a little bit during the film, lol.

It was a fun night, some slovakian guys tried to pick up on us but we were like w/e and left the place quite early. When I arrived home, we took the cab back, it was a party at my place, lol. Lucky me that was already wasted at that point. ;) 

But, I went to sleep right after staying and chatting with some friends there, since I was soo tired when I already got home. As a sum up for everything, it was a good night and today I am a bit hangover, but nothing that bad actually. ;)

Me and my sis <3
Oz the great & poweful:

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