Tuesday, April 30, 2013

day 10, done!

Hi sweethearts ! <3

Sorry for not updating but I haven't been feeling so well. I have a lot of things to do in school because I graduate soon and have shitloads of work that needs to get done. Today I applied for a job and worked all day, so I will be starting working every Monday.

But I have done my squats, I am on day 10, I start to see results a little bit. My thighs are getting firmer and starting to get a little bit of shape, woo-hoo, 20 days left! :D

Since I skipped day 7 because I has very depressed that day and really didn't do anything so I skipped the rest-day on day 8 and did my sqauts and then I just continued with the schedule as usual except instead of taking the rest-day I did my squats that I should have done on day 7 and did them on day 8. Then I have been keeping on with it as usual. ;)

So just a quick update, I haven't died or anything, lol

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