Monday, April 22, 2013

day 3, done!

Hi guys ! <3 

about 2 hours ago I did my squats from the squat challange. I even did 40 intervalls on top of it, good girl Jawa!

Tomorrow is my restday, but damn, this is just the start and it will get a hell lot tougher. But I won't give up, besides, I will have the nicest ass on my graduation when I am wearing that white sexy dress, lol. ;)

After that I just chilled out. I was watching a movie called "For a good time, call..". It was a really good movie, a typical chic film! :D

It gets 4/5 stars. ;)

Here is the trailer -

The movie is about 2 girls that has no choice and they have to live together because one of them got kicked out from the other one needed money so she had to get a roomate that can help her with her rent. They come up with the idea of having a hotline, it is really funny and I like this movie a lot, so watch it. :*

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