Thursday, April 11, 2013

Im back from London! (Update AND pictures)

Hi sweeties, have you missed me? <3

Im back, I got soo much stuff to blog about, but I start with the London trip that I did/had with my classmates. OMG, it was so much fun, the craziest, funniest and the best trip ever!! <3 

I have bought SO much makeup, eating trash food EVERYDAY, that includes mc'donalds, KFC and burger king, lol.
It wasn't sober one single day, I was always drunk, either shopping or drinking.. Well, it wasn't my fault that the booze was so cheap and there was a little store right outside our hotel that sold alcohol ;O 

I was there 4 days and all those days were great, the weather was awesome and I even got closer to some people in my class after this, I know, that probably sounds so gay, but w/e mate! 

- Here is some pictures that I've took ;) 

rhett :D

me in tha hotel room being all OG ! 

Joen and jocke :D

Primark <3

BOOTS <3 that was where I bought all my makeup ;D

I <3 Starbucks

I love this picture that I took :D
London eye!

big ben

big ben

Simon, Sandra and me wearing the coolest tank-top that I bought on primemark ;)

me sitting in the cab

Party party!

me and Sandra looking fabulous, classy, gorgeous, sexy and elegant on this pic, OG! :*

This was on the way to London from Sweden, just to keep my nerves calmed down.. hehe.

A real English Breakfast, yum.. <3

a frapuccino from Mc'donalds, unfortenatly they don't sell these in Sweden, that sucks a lot :(

This was from the last day I was there, drinking another frapuccino, but from Starbucks this time ;)

EDIT: Some of the pictures was borrowed from Sandra's blog. 

That's all about my London visit. :*

BTW, I got my package from E.L.F and YVES ROCHER, I will do a review on them and show them to you later, even all the makeup I bought from London, which went on over 100 pounds ;) 

So stay tuned for that sweeties, cheers! <3

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