Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hello readers <3 

Today I've decided just to take take of myself. It was a very long time since I had a SPA-day, so I thought why the hell not? ;)
I kind of feel kind of urk after London, I haven't really treaten myself with some pure, refreshing products that I've bought lately. The facial mask as shown on the pic. I fucking love it, that is my favorite facialmask of all time, perfect for blackheads, since mine are really hard to get rid off. Trust me, I've tried everything, this is the only thing that seems to work for me, honestly, tried with most expensive brands and I always go back to this from Yves Rocher 3 minutes mask with lemon in it. 

I remember that I've bought a new conditioner and hair-treatment from the city, so I gonna try those out. I ordered a detox peeling and a vanilla soup from my latest order from Yves Rocher, I am excited to try those out and I love the facial toner as well that I ordered, it is for blackheads, so far, so good. ;)

So, to sum things up, from the left side to the right on the pics - 

  • Facial toner pore minimazer - Yves Rocher
  • L'oreal elvital color vive - hair-treatment
  • L'oreal elvital color vive -  hair conditioner
  • 3 minutes mask - Yves Rocher
  • Detox peeling - Yves Rocher 
  • Vanilla soup - Yves rocher 

Ok, as I mentioned earlier, I would post up the products from Yves Rocher, this is the half of it, the rest will I upload tonight, maybe put everything in one post, so stay tuned for that. :*

I might even post up the E.L.F products tonight, if not, then it will be putted up here on the blog by tomorrow. ;) 

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