Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Todays facelook / day 5 done!

Hi sweeties <3 

Today I have done absolutley NOTHING! :)

Well, except the day 5 of the squat challenge, u know, doing ma squats.. As I suppose to.. And I did.. Hehe.
Btw, I will do a categorie here on the blog called "30 days squat challenge". I am going to post up all the days of the challenge in there and pictures will show up so you guys can look back to it if you are interested in trying. I hope this shit works, but only time can tell and after the challenge is done. ;)

Anyway, I have taken some ego pics of me today, WOOP FOR EGO! 

I went for the tanned look this time, and my eyebrows, OH MY, they were perfect today, even if it doesn't show on the pics, they were perrrfect.. ;)

I am wearing my Vassen Rainbow Grayish/Blue Circle Lenses. ;) 

Yah, I got dry lips, but w/e dude! 
I look hella sexy on this look, mmm-hmm. ;) 

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