Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi sweeties <3 

Today when I woke up I realised I had a real bad cravings for beer an cinnamon-buns. I rembered then I was dreaming about an ice-cold beer that I was drinking and it was super-f**king delicious and I had cinnamon-buns to it. Right after that I woke up and had the weirdest cravings for it, I even wrote about it on my facebook and it didn't seem like I was the only one that thought that was a perfect combo.
Why has anybody thought about it before? 
Especially now for summertimes, as you get older you trade the juice into beer instead I guess, lol.

On wednsday I had my graduation party. The thing is, we here in Sweden celebrate it BEFORE we graduate, don't know if it is common in other countries but thats what we do here. The theme of the party was "cartoon" so I was a modern/sexy version of pochahontas (spelling?).
I had my war-bonnet on and damn, that really caught everyones attention, even accidently hit people with it since it is so big and the feathers are pointing out in every possible direction, lol.

I partied quite hard, even thow' the liquir/drinks sucked, the dj sucked and the place in general was crap. So me and my class made the best out of the situation. I was even the one who stayed the longest but then I took a cab home since Sandra went and more than half of my class also went home. I didn't feel like staying so much after that, lol.

But here is some pics from the party -

I was wearing my spiked bra, a pair of black jeans, my Jeffrey Campells and a transparent black shirt. On the last pic I am holding a sex on the beach. Had 5 of those and STILL, I didn't get drunk at all. Only on the last shot and it was tequila my classmate bought for me since I spent all my money on shit drinks..

The pics are taken and borrowed from Sandra.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi sweeties <3

I finally got my haul video done, yey!
It was suppose to be up in the blog after my trip to London, it was right after I got back home I made this video. But since my computer didn't work I couldn't finish the editing. But now I gave it a try with the new one, and it WORKED! <3

So here it is ;)

I will make a post for the swatches when I have time, so stay tuned for that. I will put a link even in the video description when im done with that. You can also find this video in the categorie "vlogs" here on the blog. :*

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Extensions / Tan / Malibooty Workout / Sqaut Challenge!

Hi sweeties <3

I know it has been a while since I updated, but how are u? I'm good, actually great!

I have been tanning all day since the weather was soo lovely here in Sweden. It was clear blue skies and the sun was shining so happily, ooh what I have missed the sun! <3
I even got my hair extensions today, soo happy about it that they finally made it here. :D

It is 24" inch (60 cm) long and the quality is really good. It looks natural and it is real human remy hair clip-ons.

Anyway, I was baking in the sun for 3 hours, omg, it felt soo good, freaking loved it. I even got myself a tan.
Under the weekend me and my 2 friends were drinking and just hung out. I even got a video that we were super wasted on, but I am NOT putting it up here, lol. ;)

I actually saw this first on pinterest, something called Malibooty Workout. It is 2 girls who makes these different workouts and even have a blog/website called
They got so many things on their blog like inspiration, daily nutrition and loads of workout and just a summer breeze feeling on everything they do.

I tried their Malibooty workout today and DAMN, I can feel my bum is rock hard!
It is really easy to do, you can do it at home, at the beach or whatever. I even kept on with the 30 Days Squat Challenge since I was on it..
I stopped it because I had problems with my back, but now I am back on the schedule and I am on my 12th day which is 130 sqauts. So I did the Malibooty workout AND my 130 squats. ;)

Here is the pics from today -


And here is the Malibooty workout -


About the extensions, I ordered them at 
They have different lenghts, weight and colors that you can choose from. They are not expensive at all and it is real human hair so I would really recommend them. 
They ship worldwide with express delivery so you get it within a week. 
They also have free international shipping but that will take over 3 weeks from what I've heard since it is from China. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer feelin' (today's look)

Hi sweeties <3 

Today has been great weather and also a great day. I went to Skärholmen (its a mall) and bought a new bracelet and also got myself looking fabulous. I went a little bit extra today so I was wearing my falsies and having the tan on. ;) 

My graduation dress has arrived but I want to wait with taking it out (you have 14 days to fetch it) until my extensions arrives so I can fetch them both out from the post. It feels such a waste of them of running back and forward when you can take it all at once u know'.

Anyways here is some cellphone pics that I took of my look of today -

Unfortunetly the last 2 pics did I save from my snapchat so the text was saved as well and I didn't notice it until now. Annoying, I know but now I know until the next time. Add me on snapchat jawavoncherie.

Also follow my instagram for a more daily update -

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I want (eye) candy ! ;)

hi sweeties <3

Today I was a makeup model for my bestfriend and the makeup was really cool, got some pictures of it but I  can show you that later.

Right now I have stretched my back so it hurts like hell.. Cant even walk normally, lol. (I am not talking about my ass you pervert)

Anyway, the squats had to be on hold, AGAIN.

But since I haven't blogged for a while I might share with you girls some eyecandy and I taste of what I like. ;)

lets get started -

James Quaintance

Ash Stymest

Cole Mohr

Ben Palmer

James Franco

Joseph gordon-levitt 

Alexander Skarsgård

Willy Cartier

Robert Sheehan (Nathan from Misfits) 

And here is some random pics and gif's since this has taken me over one hour to do this post by finding all the images and I have to get to sleep. So here is the last ones - 

Sources: Google, Tumblr and fanshare. 

OMG, this is a hot post. As you can see I love tattoes but also class.. Actually this post made me realize what I am into kind of, lol