Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I want (eye) candy ! ;)

hi sweeties <3

Today I was a makeup model for my bestfriend and the makeup was really cool, got some pictures of it but I  can show you that later.

Right now I have stretched my back so it hurts like hell.. Cant even walk normally, lol. (I am not talking about my ass you pervert)

Anyway, the squats had to be on hold, AGAIN.

But since I haven't blogged for a while I might share with you girls some eyecandy and I taste of what I like. ;)

lets get started -

James Quaintance

Ash Stymest

Cole Mohr

Ben Palmer

James Franco

Joseph gordon-levitt 

Alexander Skarsgård

Willy Cartier

Robert Sheehan (Nathan from Misfits) 

And here is some random pics and gif's since this has taken me over one hour to do this post by finding all the images and I have to get to sleep. So here is the last ones - 

Sources: Google, Tumblr and fanshare. 

OMG, this is a hot post. As you can see I love tattoes but also class.. Actually this post made me realize what I am into kind of, lol


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