Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer feelin' (today's look)

Hi sweeties <3 

Today has been great weather and also a great day. I went to Skärholmen (its a mall) and bought a new bracelet and also got myself looking fabulous. I went a little bit extra today so I was wearing my falsies and having the tan on. ;) 

My graduation dress has arrived but I want to wait with taking it out (you have 14 days to fetch it) until my extensions arrives so I can fetch them both out from the post. It feels such a waste of them of running back and forward when you can take it all at once u know'.

Anyways here is some cellphone pics that I took of my look of today -

Unfortunetly the last 2 pics did I save from my snapchat so the text was saved as well and I didn't notice it until now. Annoying, I know but now I know until the next time. Add me on snapchat jawavoncherie.

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  1. Oh that is one of the snapchats you sent me :D
    Yea just so you know till next time you take a pic on Snapchat, press the "save" button before you add the text to it! ;)
    By the way, nice pics Jawa! :)

  2. Du får vara inne på skype mer, vill snacka med dig ju x)