Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yey Holiday.. Or not.

Hi sweethearts ! <3 

Have u missed me? Because I sure have missed u. <3 
The blog has been quite dead for a while, but honestly, I have soo much to do. It is graduation soon, not even a month from now (!!) and I got soo much work to do so I barely have time for anything right now. I am always stressed out so that is why the blog had to be put on hold. I even got my computer on repair at school, since the screen is fucked up I got a new computer that I can borrow for this holiday.

I have 2 days off then comes the weekend, but I am not so much excited about it.. The only thing that I am going to do is STUDY, LOCK MYSELF IN AND STUDY ALL DAY AND NIGHT!

I really need to get shit done, I am sick and tired of being behind in so many subjects, it bother the crap out of me and it feels like I cannot breath, like I am drowning in schoolwork. Lol.

Anyways, about the 30 days squat challenge - that has also gone to hell, I am always so tired, coming home late, eat, shower then sleep. I haven't followed the schedule at all, I am still stuck on day 10 and it has gone 8 days now since that..
Gah, I just have to pull myself together and do it, I will continue the schedule by tomorrow, I have to, I can't give in now.

Here is some pictures of yesterday's look since it was a long time I posted anything - 

The look of the day.

Real close-up.

Weird picture, I know, but I like that you can actually see the makeup a little bit more on this one since the other ones was to light to capture the golden-shimmery cat eye. The look and makeup was a bit inspired by Cleopatra actually. ;)

Love my headpiece, I have one in gold also but haven't tried it yet. <3

I am wearing my angel blue GEO lenses.

I ordered a concealer palette about 1-2 weeks ago from Hong Kong, I got it today. I will try to do a contour with it, a real one that doesn't look to "powdery" so I am quite excited about that.

I also ordered my graduation dress today and 24" inch long extensions so I can't wait to have them anytime soon. :D

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