Tuesday, June 18, 2013


OMG, can't believe it. They are coming to Stockholm, Gröna Lund.
I don't know if I am honestly going to go there but I would love to see them but the thing is that me + big crowds = NOT GOOD.

I love concerts but it just that over 2000+ people is coming and I cant imagine being in the middle of all those people without getting panic attacks or anxiety. Seriously, that's why I like smaller concerts with not so big bands/artist. And 30 sec 2 mars is one of the worlds biggest bands besides the entrance isn't expensive so it's going to be shitloads of people there and Gröna Lund isn't a big place to room so many people so I don't dare to imagine whats its going to be like, lol.

I would probably faint or die from the lack air.

Anyways here is some videos and pictures of them if you haven't heard or seen their music videos (which are epic) -

The first video is from their latest album and the last video is a much older song (yet great) and video.

I love this band, it is one of my favorite bands and I am soo in love with Jared Leto.
 He is my future husband, he just doesn't know that yet. ;) 

Jared Leto, why so hot?? :< 
This is from the musicvideo Hurricane with Jared. Mmm, wouldn't say no to that.. <3 

I can't decide if I am going there or not. I have also been looking forward to it for quite a long time. But I just go with what my guts tells me to do, I take that tomorrow, not now.

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