Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bought a new curling wand.

Hi sweeties <3

Today has been a great weather here in Sweden. This day in general has been quite weird, a rollercoster with emotions going back and forward with anger and irritation. Then shitloads of things has just made it a lot worse which turned me into even MORE angry and irritated.

But now I am home, safe n' sound. I went to Ica Maxi and bought a curling wand. I feel like it is soo much easier and a lot faster to curl your hair with wands instead of a regular curling iron and flat-irons.
The one that I have is actually both for flat-iron your hair and curling it. But it so complicated to curl with a flat-iron so instead bought a curling wand, wanted to have one for quite some time and since I am graduating now on Wendsday it will be perfect.

The flat-iron that I am currently using is "Straight&Curl OBH Nordica by Björn Axén". It is an awesome flat-iron and my friend has the same one and she can make perfect curls with it, but I guess that takes practice and I don't really have any patience for that, lol.

The curling wand that I bought was the "OBH Nordica Artist Natural Curls Proffesional" and this is their latest model of their curling wands and this is what it looks like -

I know, it looks really funny ;)

Anyways, here is a video of how these curling wands works  -

In the video she is using another one, but it works the same. She explains also why its even better then the regular curling iron.

Sources: Weheartit, Tumblr.

Cant wait to try it out! 
I will upload pictures later of how it looks like.

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