Monday, June 24, 2013

Going To Move Out And Start A New Chapter.

Hi sweethearts <3 

These past few days has been a big rollercoaster for me. Shitloads with things has happened and I can't stay here anymore. I am going to move far away from here and Botkyrka. I am excited but at the same time I am scared. Damn, it is a big change. I haven't moved ever in my whole life. I have been living in this shithole my entire life and now I am going to move. It feels so suddenly, like this decision and all the things that have been happening came out of nowhere.

I haven't had time to spend time with my friends since I cleaned the kitchen (seriously, it was so fucking nasty) and I got so tired since it took me over 2 hours just to do the dishes and clean the kitchen table (I almost puked, no wonder why I don't eat there).
My room is a hot mess, but I am going to do my laundry tomorrow and after that I will clean up my room and start packing stuff. At first I am going to live with my sister, don't know for how long but I don't think that it will take that long.

After that I am moving, it is just going to be me and my mum. My brother and my rommate is going to live in another place. My sister is the one that got an apartment of her own and I am going to stay with her before I am going to greece and after being at greece we are officially changing this apartment that I live in right now in to a smaller one.

But then it's just going to be me and my mum living in there and the boys move on. Time for a new change, a new page, a new chapter. 

Here is an old picture of me. 

I am sorry, I am planning to update and take new fancy pictures and upload them  here in the blog for you guys. But as you can see, that had to be on hold.. But this is only temporary, so stay tuned sweeties! <3

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