Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hi sweethearts <3 

I graduated on Wendsday so I have been so tired and enjoying the time of being free, lol.
It was fun at the graduation, took a couple of pictures and so on. The internet has not been working so well either so thats why I haven't posted anything lately, apologizes for that. I miss my class, they were my second family. We have been together at the worst and the best moments in each others lifes.

Now we are all moving on with life and will not be together like that anymore. Feels quite sad actually. Got even depressed for a couple of days there. lol.
I have no plans right now,  I just want to enjoy my fucking summer with no worries and just FINALLY focuse on myself, health and fitness. I am going to buy a weight gainer and protein next week and a sports-bra since mine is lost, lol.

During the summer I will have 11 days vacation. I will go to Zakynthos (a greek island) with my bestfriend Natta and Alicia who is a friend of mine as well. I am excited so I am looking forward to it.

Here is some pics from the graduation -

Here is some pictures borrowed from Sandra -

I was so happy and yet so sad on this day, weird. 

Btw, I used my curling wand that I bought and blogged about recently. You can see on the pictures the results.


  1. Åååh vad fin du var till studenten! :D
    Jo jag fick din kommentar btw, kommentarsfältet buggar lite men det är för att det kommer så mycket spam dit from nowhere så den reggar på det...

  2. Oh wow the guy on the first two photos standing on the right is DiplexHeatedHD! Man chick you went to school with one of youtubes' finest :D