Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi guys! <3

I finally did it. I fixed my design on the blog and got pleased with my header for once. I thought that the blog needed a real facelift and it was so much things going on so I wanted to keep it simpel, elegant, classy, dark and personal.
I think that I managed to do that this time. I haven't been this happy about the design for ages, and it was about time!

The thought with the photoshoot with the war bonnet (you can see the pictures by clicking HERE) was to do something like this with the header. Have something spiritual, personal and reflect me at the same time. Told you sweeties that this was going to be a killer-badass design. ;)

Some of you might find it confusing about the hand and the eye so I thought I am going to share it with you guys the depth and the meaning of this symbol. I am summing this up since there is tons of information, but it is a universal symbol actually.

About the symbol - It is called hamsa or fatima hand and it is for protection and keeps you protected from the evil eye. It is very common and originally from Middle East and North Africa (I am from Morocco, which is in North Africa) and the symbol spread around the world.
It came to the Christians and the Jews as well. The christian call it The Hand Of Virgin Mary.

Even in Buddhism and greek mythologi the hand with the eye is known for boost fertility and lactation, promote healthy pregnancies, and strengthen the weak. And acknowledge.

Then I edited it to make it a bit of a personal touch so I added a dream catcher and the eye is in the middle of the dreamcatcher of the hand. My own idea and creativity, as I said, it reflects my believe and my personality. 

So, overall, what do you think about the design and header? 

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