Sunday, June 30, 2013

Party Hard And You Get A Hangover. Obviously..

Hi sweethearts <3 

Sorry for not updating but I have been very busy. I had to pack stuff and I moved out. So now I live with my sister. So this whole week I wasn't able to see anyone until now actually. Yesterday I went out with my sister and the whole crew and I met Natta later on. :)

Me and Natta went to Lion Bar and got shitless drunk. It was fun, since the drinks and shots were so cheap I got really drunk. I feel  like shit, I slept all day and I am hungover as hell, I guess you get what you deserve? 

Here is some pictures from yesterday - 

Imagine that, 10x if not more, lol.  
We started with this at bar 08 before we went to Lion Bar.

Some pictures on my facelook from yesterday. hihi. :*


  1. Lion Bar on Norrtullsgatan? If so you were just around the corner from me. About two minutes away.

  2. Yes i will dont and then yes:)